Productivize - Issue #9

Featuring 3 product champions, resources and interesting products.

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How To Launch A Product or Feature To Maximize Growth

Brian Balfour, CEO of Reforge in this article breaks down the four reasons why most product/feature launches hurt growth rather than help it. He also describes a step by step process on how to launch a product or a feature to enable growth and finally explains how Superhuman did it using the same process. Read on here.

Understanding your customer is key to good product judgment

Product judgment is a tangible skill that can be learned by listening and observing. Des Traynor and Paul Adams in this episode of Intercom on Product, explore what is it? why does it matter? and more importantly, how can you develop it? Listen here.

3 Types of Product Managers: Builders, Tuners, Innovators

In this post, Sachin Rekhi talks about various hats PMs wear and shares his view of 3 high-level product management roles that exist in the field, which he affectionately call builders, tuners, and innovators. Read on here.


Noah Weiss

Noah Weiss is the Senior Director of Product, Expansion at Slack. Prior to joining Slack, he was SVP of product at Foursquare and a PM at Google. Noah often shares his insights on Product Management, traits of becoming a great PM and more. Give him a follow - @noah_weiss

David J Bland

Co-author of Testing Business Ideas, David is an advisor, founder who spent over 10 years at technology startups. He advises corporations/startup entrepreneurs on how to design business models and value propositions. He shares his take on product experimentation, design thinking and business model innovation. Give him a follow - @davidjbland

Marty Cagan

Marty is the founder of Silicon Valley Product Group where he shares lessons and best practices about how to build innovative products customers love. He served as an executive for HP, Netscape and eBay. Marty often tweets about modern software product organization, including product management, product marketing, UI/UX design, engineering management, and general management. Give him a follow - @cagan


Viable Fit

Measure and improve your product-market fit.


The smarter way to generate new business using LinkedIn.


Observe and interact with users, live.


A book you should read: Sense & Respond

A practical guide on how successful organizations listen to customers and create new products continuously. This book describes the tools, techniques, and practices that product managers need to thrive in this new world. Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden teach how to leverage technology to build great products while sharing revolutionary tactics. Get it here.

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